Mistake No. 34: Getting your age wrong… ish

It was my birthday at the weekend. I am still in my thirties, having just turned thirty-twelve. I understand some people call this number “forty-two” but they are just pedants and we don't need to concern ourselves with them.

Because I’m (possibly) middle-aged and (definitely) grumpy, here are some other age-related writing mini-misdemeanours which trip my grrr switch.

“I’m 29 years of age.”

It’s okay to say “I’m 29.” Nobody’s going to think it’s your name or height in inches.

“I’m 46 years young.”
No, you are 46 years old. (But see above.)

“I’m 33 and a half.”
Well of course you’re allowed to give your age in fractions. But only if you are under ten.

“I am 58, going on 59.”
Yes, my friend, that’s how the counting system works. “I turn 59 next month” is better.

That’s it I think. I’ll degrump after a nice week off.

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