Christmas gifts for writers

Looking for gift ideas for writers? Of course we all love books. But all writers get given books at Christmas, and sometimes we want both to receive - and give, to writing buddies - something different.

Here's a round-up of alternatives and online stores if you're stuck for the scribe in your life this year ...

If like me you get your best ideas when in water, then these Aqua Notes are a great solution for the writer whose brainwaves arrive when in the bath or shower. I get mine swimming, so I'll await the invention of the voice recorder-enabled goggles some time in 2017...

This Soap for Writer's Block by Whiskey River Soap Co. (left) is nicely irreverent, and perfect for your idea-generating shower time. Who can argue with a soap that 'smells of regurgitated ideas'? Perhaps one for the writer who doesn't take himself too seriously?

I'm cheating slightly, as this does contain a book of sorts, but The Writer's Toolbox, as its full title says, promises "creative games and exercises for inspiring the 'write' side of your brain". As one reviewer says, "this toolbox helps jumpstart the writing process by focusing on three different useful and unique approaches to building a story: sentence sticks, sixth-sense cards, and story wheel palettes".

I'm quite liking this CafePress Writers' WallClock - but Margarita o'clock does seem perhaps a little premature and Chocolate hour rather a long wait ... Can we not swap them around?

Neighbours keep knocking on your door? Flatmates keep bothering you to go down the pub? You'll be wanting to put this Writer at Work Door Sign to good use then - and on your Wish List ...

Every writer loves to mull, ponder and plot over tea (or stronger), and there are some great mugs with a writerly twist. This Great First Lines Literature Coffee Mug (left) and this Banned Book Mug are both fun - while this Please Do Not Annoy the Writer mug might be just the thing for a murder mystery writer whose Writer at Work Door Sign may prove insufficient. And if you're as maddened by lose / loose confusion as I am, then this is the mug for you.

What else? I liked the spirit behind this Put Your Buttocks in That Chair motivational poster (right).

Here's an affordable and simple 'Word Warrior' key chain.

A 'Write Drunk Edit Sober' notebook might be a better alternative to a mug for the writer who turns up his nose at tea.

And if anyone wants to buy me a 'Best Writer in the Galaxy' T shirt I'm happy to confirm I'm a size M.

For something a bit more classy, there's this True Grace Library Scented Candle - how can the fragrance of old books fail to inspire you to write? Not for you? How about the New Books Scented Candle instead?

I am not sure whether either of those candles will fit in this Bathroom Bath Tub Caddy with Wine, Candle and Book Holder (left) but frankly, who cares? Your wine glass will fit, which is all that really matters when you want to relax, read a darned good book and forget all about filling in those waterproof Aqua Notes ...

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